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RunThatApp Web source examples for iFrame embedding

All modern web browsers are supported for RunThatApp simulation

Over Wifi or fast internet, binary websockets allow pleasing simulation support.

The nine simple web pages linked below contain various source code examples of RunThatApp usage :

Direct fullscreen :

Standard Simulator in large canvas (can rotate)
(226) 850-4191

embedded in iFrame Examples - fixed size :

iFramed Simulator fixed browser size
iFramed No Art Simulator fixed browser size
iFramed No Art Simulator - non centerred - fixed browser size

embedded in iFrame Examples - Rescale size when visited :

iFramed Simulator resizable browser with art behind
iFramed Simulator resizable browser view
iFramed No Art Simulator resizable browser view

Multitouch (11 fingers) on a glass surface portable device :
(318) 918-0628

82% of all used active browsers half a year ago supported Binary WebSocket data :