So… lucky am I to have a husband that likes to make BACON?? How can you not like bacon? We have a butcher shop here in town where I can buy pork belly so I went and picked up a big slab. Then, Ricky has a marinade that he puts it in and it sits for days in the fridge. Then he smokes it for however many hours (this is his thing, not mine! I just get to enjoy it!) Once it’s cooked he slices it up and puts it in freezer bags. I cook it on a pan in the oven. It’s great for BLT’s or just eating! My favorite part of it is that the salt levels are a lot lower than what you buy at the store. Here’s some pics for you to get a better idea!

Look at those slices!
Look at those slices!


DSCN0996 DSCN0997


Yummmm….now I’m hungry! I think I’ll go fix me some bacon!!


Check back soon…..we have new additions at the farm and I’ll be posting some pictures to introduce you!

Our newest Addition!


So, we have added a new member to our family! Whitley, a beautiful yellow (looks white if you ask me!) Lab. She is playful, curious and super smart! We think we found a “genius” dog! She has already learned how to sit (only took 4 or 5 tries), fetch and “make like a bear” which is too cute! She jumps up on her hind legs and throws her front paws out! All of these earn her a treat of course! We have no doubt that she will be entertaining us for years to come!!


What a sweet face!


Bruiser wasted no time teaching her how to dig a hole! He looked up to me as if to say, “Hey Mom, she’s a good digger!”……..yeah, Bruiser, that’s what I’m afraid of!


She immediately fell in love with her big brother and sticks close to his size. She even likes to help walk him, holding his leash in her mouth. I can’t wait to see how this works once she out weighs him by 70 pounds.

Welcome to My Home!

Hi Y’all! Thank you for visiting. My name is Tanya and my wonderful (most of the times!) husband of 25 years is Ricky. We are originally from Charleston SC but work brought us to Savannah GA about 15 years ago. However, our dream has long been to own a farm and live in the country! So, we recently purchased 100 acres in Metter GA about an hour west of Savannah.  We currently have 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 10 chickens, 2 cows and a Puggle, Bruiser,  that rules the house! We eventually want to add a horse or two, maybe a sheep and some Berkshire Pigs!

I have to admit…..I love all things vintage!!! Vintage dishes, vintage fabric, vintage signs….well, you get the idea. So, I will be busy trying to make this new home what I want it be. We will be gardening, canning, cooking, baking, sewing….boy, I’m already tired!! Seriously, this lifestyle is something that can’t be beat. We move at our own pace and it’s like stepping back in time. But, at Full Meadows Farm a vintage lifestyle meets modern conveniences! I hope that you will follow along and enjoy our journey with us! Come back often and spend a Vintage Day in the Country!!